Waiting For Inspiration

Music will play with “Frenzil! Music” watermark until purchased.

Music will play with “Frenzil! Music” watermark until purchased.

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Inspiration has to come from within. A reservoir of motivation already resides inside every person. This music fits very well projects addressing things like:

  • the spiritual component of life
  • the journey rather than a destination
  • the contentment, but not necessarily, happiness

Any project you have about these matters will fit very naturally with this piece of music.
What you will find in the package:

  • Waiting For Inspiration (2:14)

The track is in both versions: wav and mp3 (wav @ 44.1 khz/16bits - mp3 @ 320kbps)

If you need a customized version of any of this track, feel free to contact me.
It you prefer the 24 bits wav version, I can send it to you with no additional charge.

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