Ethereal Discoveries And Beyond

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New worlds, new life, new bodies: just some of the breakthroughs we may see by 2020.
There have been some incredible leaps forward in science in the past decade. It's difficult to imagine what life was like before Wi-Fi, and hard to believe how much we've discovered about Mars. And it's only seven years since the entire human genome was sequenced, yet since then, scientists have cracked the genomes of dozens more species.
So what's next? How many more amazing scientific discoveries will we see by the end of the next decade? And how will these change our lives?
This is the music to be used along with those discoveries.

What you will find in the package:

  • Ethereal discoveries and beyond (3:13)

This track is in both versions: wav and mp3 (wav @ 44.1 khz/16bits - mp3 @ 320kbps)

If you need a customized version of this track, feel free to contact me.
If you prefer the 24 bits wav version, I can send it to you with no additional charge.

Main Track Length: 3:13
Tempo: 72 BPM

Music will play with “AudioJungle” watermark until purchased.

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